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Top Football Teams: Leicester City
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Team: Leicester City

Full name: : Leicester City

Leicester City logo  

Foundation year: 1884

Original jersey colors: royal blue

Alternate jersey colors: black

Nickname: The foxes

Country: England Flag England

National Confederation:

The Football Association Logo FA (The Football Association)

Possible Competitions:

Local Tournaments: English League, FA Cup, English Super Cup, English League Cup
International Tournaments: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, European Super Cup, Club World Championship

Titles Won:

International Tournaments: ninguno

National Tournaments: 5

- FA Premier League: (1) 2016
- English Super Cup: (1) 1971
- English League Cup: (3) 1964, 1997, 2000

Others Tournaments:
Second Division (7): 1924–25, 1936–37, 1953–54, 1956–57, 1970–71, 1979–80, 2013–14

Greatest players: ,

Stadium Info:
Name: King Power Stadium
Address: Filbert Way, Leicester, England LE2 7FL, Leicester
Capacity: 32,262
Tel: -

Official Website:

Official E-mail:

Leicester City football pictures:

Leicester City Picture Gallery

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