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OFC Nations Cup
Summary of Winners
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OFC Nations Cup
Last Champion:
OFC Nations Cup New Zealand  Logo
New Zealand Flag
2008: New Zealand
OFC Nations Cup Logo OFC Nations Cup
This tournament began in 1973 as the "Oceania Cup". A second edition took place in 1980, then the tournament was discontinued. In the early editions non-FIFA members were allowed to participate such as New Hebrides, which became Vanuatu after gaining independence in 1980. In 1996 it reappeared as the "OFC Nations Cup" and served as a qualifier for the Confederations Cup, as the Oceania Football Confederation had recently become a separate FIFA confederation.
Year by Year Champions - Summary of Winners

OFC Nations Cup
Team Titles Year
Australia  Logo

1980 Against Tahiti
1996 Against Tahiti
2000 Against New Zealand
2004 Against Solomon Islands
New Zealand  Logo
New Zealand

1973 Against Tahiti
1998 Against Australia
2002 Against Australia
2008 (by table)
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